Toronto Town Square is easily accessible for all. Everything is located on the one level making shopping easy. Listed below are all the services we offer to ensure hassle free shopping for all our customers.


Lost Property
Lost property is held at the Centre Management Office. Any items found can be handed to the Square's Site Supervisor or can be contacted on 0402 100 962. If you have lost any property within the square, you can also enquire and leave your details with the Square's Site Supervisor or one of the shops in the square. You will be contacted should your property be found.

Charity Bins
Toronto Town Square provides charity bins located at the rear of the main parking area of the square.

Charity Bins

Toronto Town Square is conveniently located in the main CBD of Toronto and therefore makes it very easy for those needing transport by bus or taxi. We are also located within 5 minutes of Fassifern train station.